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Everyday millions of commercial motor vehicles are present on the roads, whether it’s for business or leisure reasons including delivering services, travelling for work or hiring a vehicle. The safety of vehicles is crucial not only from a legal and compliance perspective but also for health and safety reasons. It’s therefore vital that vehicle inspections, audits and incident reporting are carried out to ensure vehicles are safe on the road, efficient and fit for purpose. In order to do this, automotive, fleet management and logistics organisations can implement mobile solutions such as vehicle inspection software to identify the current condition of a vehicle and whether appropriate repair is required or if damage costs may be incurred. According to a recent report  on The global Vehicle Inspection Software market, growth of the market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period, between 2021 and 2025. In our latest blog we take a look at how vehicle inspection software is used throughout the Transport and Logistics industry and how it can increase and improve efficiencies.


How Vehicle Inspection Software is used in the Transport and Logistics Industry

Organisations can implement Vehicle Inspection Software where field staff complete an inspection report or form via an app on their mobile device. By completing digitalised forms, staff have the ability to capture notes and photos efficiently to help identify any damage or faults with the vehicle. Following the inspection, field staff can then identify whether the vehicle needs repaired and whether motor claims insurance costs will be incurred before it is returned to a car leasing company for example for use again. If a damage claim or query is raised, the information is readily available and can be shared directly with a customer.


How Vehicle Inspection Software helps improve efficiencies within the Transport and Logistics industry

Vehicle Inspection Software helps Transport and Logistics organisations to streamline processes and improves overall operational efficiencies. Digitising forms reduces paper based processes which not only are time consuming and manual to complete but can be easily misplaced, are prone to damage and difficult to store. By capturing inspection information via mobile forms, these issues are significantly reduced, and information is readily available for audit and compliance purposes. Fleet and Transport staff can accurately and efficiently collect meaningful information, take notes and photos and annotate images, all updated in real time. This allows field staff and organisations to generate a report, identify discrepancies and solve issues quickly.

Furthermore, field staff carrying out the vehicle inspections can increase their productivity and capacity due to the quick turnaround time of recording information and the automation of next steps for any necessary vehicle maintenance or claims handling processes. By automating processes, field staff can therefore deliver a quicker and more enhanced customer service.

Additionally, real time visibility of the vehicle inspection as well as a proof of delivery / inspection document outlining any damages or costs incurred provides customers and organisations with proof of audit. This is essential for compliance purposes and ensures the vehicle is safe for continued use.


Totalmobile in the Transport and Logistics industry and how our customers are benefiting from Vehicle Inspection Software

Totalmobile deliver a range of innovative and effective field service management solutions for the Transport and Logistics sectors. We provide a comprehensive range of mobile solutions which include vehicle inspection software for automotive collection, appraisal and delivery services. Additionally, we provide mobile solutions for the complex world of cash movement and audit, asset management, IoT and coordinating fleet management activities. Some of our customers include Europcar, BCA and G4S. For further information, please visit our website here or contact us.

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