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As we transition into the next phase of living with COVID-19 and measures are taken to ease lockdown where appropriate, councils are considering the long-term impacts of the pandemic and the implications for their staff, their communities and for the services they deliver.

With all areas of local government being affected, councils across the UK have battled heroically to support communities through the crisis, whilst worrying about potential future shortfalls in their budget and how they can manage this with continually increasing demands. This has led to many councils taking an active approach towards planning for recovery and thinking about the opportunities offered by technology and digital tools that will enable them to meet the greater demand for service and also protect staff and their citizens

For Local Authorities, it’s about looking at how do you use digital innovation to enhance access to information and automate inefficient processes, to ultimately deliver a greater level of service. Additionally, by transforming services through technology there are a range of organisational level benefits, including creating additional workforce capacity and reducing operational costs, which is as important as ever as more departments face huge pressures. It’s all about doing more with less and being able to mobilise individuals so they’re not restricted by outdated and inefficient processes.

Adopting innovative technologies enable staff to maximise their potential, spend more time delivering services and also deliver value outside of their traditional service area, when appropriate. For a Local Authority this enables the sharing of resources, reduces costs and encourages a more modern, holistic approach to the delivery of public services.

Totalmobile’s enterprise approach to mobile working, which we refer to as “Every Officer”, looks at how councils can enable every member of staff to embrace the concepts of support and quality. This helps Local Authorities achieve the duty of care and quality of service required to ensure councils meet the needs of their public. There is a natural cost saving to this as well, which is a huge benefit, as compliance, staff safety and customer satisfaction is also enhanced, alongside driving that improvement in the level of service being delivered. Even as we look to the future, the improvements in intelligence and sharing of information empowers Local Authorities to drive additional improvements and benefits across multiple departments.

Mobilise from Totalmobile, is a Workforce Management Solution that empowers your workforce to capture intelligent data and access the information needed to deliver services efficiently, first time. It can be used by every member of staff across multiple service areas within local government authorities, meeting their specific needs, via a single platform that is easy to manage and support.

To find out more read our interview with Totalmobile’s Charles Knight, Managing Director for Public Services where he provides an overview of our Every Officer approach and how mobile technology can help efficiencies, mobility and service delivery across Local Authorities.


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