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This year is going to be an interesting time for Facility management providers. With the enforced disruption of covid-19 everyone is having to reshape their organisation to ensure the safety of their workforce and their clients. Covid safety is largely driven by keeping people apart – but how do we handle this in a people centric world?

Luckily technology providers have been developing solutions for a number of years that allow efficient delivery with reduced contact. This has previously been driven by desires for efficiency (and we all love first time fixes…!) but with lockdowns in place all over the country, these efficiencies have now turned into organisation necessities.

Today the world of Facilities Management is rapidly changing the introduction of technology is having an increasingly positive impact on organisations in transforming how they deliver services.
Technology has to now come to the forefront to ensure organisations are able to schedule workforces efficiently, better capture of data, video audits and reviews – these are all areas Totalmobile has been investing in for many years. These are the tools you need to keep your FM delivery safe and efficient in this current climate and foreseeable future.

Facilities Management professionals therefore need to take into account a varied approach when considering a new workplace strategies. The use of technology provides them with insights into how their buildings, assets or services are performing in order to provide efficient services.

Totalmobile are always trying to ensure they understand the pain points that Facilities Management organisations are facing on a daily basis. By using technology, FM organisations have access to insights generated from the data collected. This real time information is readily available on one platform with the ability to review reports, identify faults or performance issues and generally provide organisations with a better understanding of the way their facilities are operating.

Having valuable insights from an asset management solution provides information, not only on your assets and buildings but also your mobile workforce. Your organisation can then use this information to make intelligent decisions and put a plan in place to prevent issues from escalating further.

Facilities Management organisations can evidence proof of compliance by ensuring they have efficient mobile devices throughout their workforce. These devices can be used to fully document when a job was sent out, when the engineer arrived on site, when the job was completed and the process, they went through to complete it.

By having all the above recorded on devices it fully complies with the standard that’s associated to evidence of work. Organisations are able to document and record the information and send that to a customer to prove that piece of work was undertaken to a standard within the expected agreed SLA’s.

This helps organisations to retain contracts as they are meeting the agreed SLA’s and also enhance their offering as a business and potentially win new business through the use of an efficient and effective software solution.

Totalmobile have years of experience in developing an enhanced software solution to ensure mobile devices record information accurately at the point of service which ensures compliance standards are met through standardised workflow application. The information allows facilities staff with full visibility as to when their buildings and assets have been managed.
Integrating mobile devices ensures a reduction in paper-based processes and the amount of time spent carrying out administration tasks. With intuitive forms easily accessible via a mobile device, Facilities Management staff can capture images, complete forms and document information effectively.

Additionally, organisations can also ensure information is evidenced and easily accessible which is essential for compliance purposes. Facilities Management organisations need to be able to maintain building systems properly and comply in accordance with their service agreement in order to avoid any breaches.

The introduction of innovative technologies such as mobile, scheduling, IoT enabled sensors and intelligent business insights eliminates inefficient processes which consume time and resources.
From cleaning to mechanical and electrical services, integrating this technology allows for efficient delivery of on-demand and condition-based services. Embracing the ability to connect devices and sensors via the internet and automate subsequent actions is transforming how we work.

IoT, mobile workforce management and dynamic scheduling provides Facilities Management organisations with ground-breaking improvements as this technology ensures delivery is carried our easily, faster and more secure for customers.

Furthermore, it enhances services, increases engagement and strengthens security.

If you would like more information on how Totalmobile can help you with:

  • Understanding Customer pain points
  • Help Facilities Management organisations work smarter post COVID-19
  • Help our customers achieve 100% compliance and evidence the proof
  • Exploring how we can assist FM providers secure contract extensions and win new business
  • Software developments that encompass cutting edge technology to automate both planned and reactive maintenance


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