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What is Asset Management Inspection Software?

Organisations today have more assets to track and manage than ever before. Being able to efficiently monitor the whereabouts of these assets is crucial for compliance purposes while reducing cost and capacity associated with missed inspections.

Asset Management Inspection Software automates the process of inspections, it can be used to identify the location of equipment and moveable assets such as forklifts or other equipment. Field service operatives can use mobile devices to receive real time information of where assets are located prior to inspection.

What value does Asset Management Inspection Software provide for the organisation?

Asset Management Inspection Software provides organisations with increased visibility of assets, enabling greater productivity, increased capacity and improvement of the overall delivery of service. Organisations can have complete confidence in where assets are located and ensure compliance standards are met.

Asset Management Inspection Software provides organisations with the ability to:
  • Reduce costs associated with missed inspections, such as travel, rebooking appointments and any fines incurred with SLA breaches
  • Empower and equip staff with the correct tools and access to information to carry out inspection visits efficiently such as inspection forms, reports and photo capture
  • Achieve improved consistency of data and compliance
  • Removal of manual reliance on paper-based processes, reduces human error and time spent locating assets on site
  • Ability to monitor workflow in real time, enabling accurate up to date information
  • Provides a consistent inspection approach across all your assets
  • Enables a comprehensive audit as to where your assets are located, essential for proving compliance and meeting SLA’s

This approach leads to positive outcomes for the organisation, field-based staff and the customer themselves:

  • Organisation’s have an increased understanding and visibility of the current location of assets providing businesses with confidence that assets are where they should be, while also reducing costs and maximising productivity.
  • The field workforce is empowered to deliver a market leading inspection service as they are equipped with all the information and equipment they require to successfully undertake inspections whilst complying with their company’s standards.
  • Customer’s receive an improved service that is delivered in an efficient manner.

Previously asset inspections were carried out using lengthy paper based processes, however with the introduction of asset management inspection software, organisations are able to monitor, inspect and manage their assets, gaining complete visibility of where they are located.

What helps deliver great Asset Management Inspection Software?

Understand your assets

Asset management inspection software allows your field service workforce to improve their performance on carrying out inspections, while providing organisations with complete visibility of where assets are located. If required, staff can continually monitor IoT devices placed on each asset.

Effectively schedule work

Inspections can be assigned for a particular time or day allowing field staff to effectively carry out inspections appropriately and reduce time spent travelling between appointments and the office. Your workforce can check the whereabouts of the assets prior to the inspection, allowing the mobile worker to plan their trip in advance and check again in the morning to make sure the assets haven’t been moved to an alternative site.

Equip and empower your workforce

Provide your workforce with the correct tools to carry out inspections and gather information at the point of service. Field staff can track the location of their assets easily via a mobile device, while being able to efficiently access forms, photos and video capture.

Enhance data driven insights

Collect asset data information quicker and more consistently. Simplify inspection information collection by using intuitive forms which are synced to back office systems in real time and provide informative, data driven insights.

How Totalmobile Enables Great Asset Management Inspection Software:

Totalmobile provide a suite of core products that provides organisations with a leading Asset Management Inspection solution, leading to an increase in workforce capacity, cost efficiencies, compliance with standards and an enhanced overall customer experience.

  • AssetTrack – With AssetTrack, your workforce can use a GPS sensor device and their mobile phone to locate the whereabouts of an asset. During a routine visit the operative can simply scan a QR code on the box which associates the sensor with that asset. While registering the asset, they can upload additional data such as a name and photo of the asset. This information is saved to the Totalmobile cloud platform, where you can now track your assets. Read more about AssetTrack
  • Dynamic Workforce Scheduling – Optimise from Totalmobile offers a dynamic scheduling solution that ensures the efficient allocation of resources to achieve complex scheduling goals based on time, location, availability and service levels. Read more about Optimise.
  • Mobile Workforce Management – Mobilise from Totalmobile is a mobile working solution that empowers the mobile workforce with the ability to capture intelligent data and access the information they need to deliver services effectively, first time. Read more about Mobilise.
  • Service Data and Analytics – Insight is a data and analytics solution that provides organisations with access to rich data, offering deep insights into the delivery of field services. Read more about Insight.