AI Workforce Scheduling

Artificial Intelligence Driven Workforce

Say hello to Mendel, the brains behind our AI.

With AI enabled mobile working as our mission, we have developed Mendel, our own unique artificial intelligence tool which acts as a decision-making assistant to your organisation. Mendel uses genetic algorithms to identify highly efficient plans which make best use of time and resources to solve and maximise even the most complex scheduling problems.


One size does not fit all. With our solutions customers can choose their optimal automation level for Mendel, either manual, intelligent assistant or fully dynamic. Mendel is versatile, allowing a great deal of choice in the objectives and constraints it considers when producing the “best” schedule. For example, reducing travel time and distance, meeting Service Level Agreements and minimising disruption, to mention a few.

Designed to Scale

Optimise introduces the concept of Worlds, a self-contained scheduling solution, which can represent an entire organisation or an individual department or team. It allows organisations to set different scheduling objectives for different business areas, allowing your organisation to unlock the full capabilities of your workforce.

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Mendel On-Demand

Mendel is designed to take advantage of the elasticity provided by Cloud computing, ideal for when scheduling loads are irregular. Mendel can be deployed in an on-demand environment offering reduced demands on your IT department and provides the ability to scale up easily to meet growing optimisation and scheduling requirements.

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The Rise of IoT

We explore some of the future possibilities of the Internet of Things and what it means for both our professional and personal lives.

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Key Features of our Solution

Mendel is the brains behind our AI driven scheduling solution, he has a unique combination of features that make it possible for any objectives or constraints to be solved quickly and efficiently.

  • Instant Information

    Designed to make the most of the real-time information provided by your mobile working teams. It relays this vital information to the schedule without the need for browser refresh or an update of schedules in batch processes. Instead your information is updated by Mendel continuously allowing your organisation to run at its optimum.

    Instant Information
  • Worlds

    A World is a self-contained scheduling solution; it could represent an entire organisation or a department or team within an organisation. The use of Worlds means that a single organisation can apply different scheduling objectives and constraints to different parts of their organisation.

  • Mendel On-Demand

    Seamlessly bridged to your existing Totalmobile infrastructure or an ideal addition that integrates with third party systems. Mendel On-Demand provides flexible and scalable power that is ideal where scheduling loads are irregular due to multiple Worlds being required to manage all your departments. It provides you with the flexibility to expand and grow without putting strain on your infrastructure.

    Mendel On-Demand
  • Fully Dynamic

    Mendel is at its best and most valuable when in dynamic and agile workforce environments. The artificially-intelligent schedule optimisation service dynamically responds and reschedules work as the day unfolds with minimal user intervention. Allowing your organisation to do more of the work that matters.

    Fully Dynamic
  • Intelligent Assistant

    The Intelligent Assistant is hugely beneficial to those operating in a less dynamic environment, where there is little reaction to the evolving day and users maintain a high degree of control over their workload. Mendel calculates efficient routing, assignment and sequencing of work within SLA constraints but still gives the user control over the working day.

    Intelligent Assistant

Customer Success Stories


With Totalmobile’s solutions, Fife Council exceeded their initial target of saving £20M and generated a productivity increase of more than 15%. Discover how your business could enable year on year savings now.

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